About Us

If you’ve come to find inspiration, styling tips and advice for your big day, look no further! Here at Bridal Atelier, we’re committed to helping you plan and pick out everything that goes into a wedding celebration, including a dream dress, venue and ceremony & reception.

We know that planning & organizing a wedding is no small feat, especially if you plan to have a large celebration with a lot of minute scheduling details. There are countless wedding magazines out there and while they might help you narrow down your list of dream dresses, they usually lack advice from fellow brides who have already had the experience of planning their own weddings. We’ll bring you that unique expertise, so that you can feel confident in the choices you make towards your special day!

While we know that we can’t be with you on your wedding day, we’ll provide you with some great guides so that you can navigate everything with ease and spend time celebrating the special moments. The last thing we want to happen is that you forget to book important appointments or pick up essential items, especially if you don’t have an official wedding planner to help out!

If you’re ready to jump into the world of planning and preparing with us, check out our comprehensive guides on planning, fashion, beauty, rings and travel.

How this Works

We are a team of experts here at Bridal Atelier, whether that be in planning, makeup artistry, fashion or personal wedding planning. If there are products or services that we’re recommending, rest assured that we’ve already tried and tested them thoroughly on our own. If we’re recommending styling or makeup choices, we have personal expertise either as brides or as makeup artists/enthusiasts and stylists. Here’s a little sneak peek into our review process:

  • When we see a new, must-know bridal trend emerge, we first look into the many different options out there and decide which items we want to include in our review. If the trend is a new makeup or dress style, we’ll gather our own thorough research and tests so that you get the best advice.
  • If we’re reviewing a specific product or service, we’ll ensure that the test period accounts for all potential unforeseen issues so that you don’t run into any problems on your big day.
  • While we’re testing out the item, we keep detailed notes on how it’s performing to be sure that we don’t miss anything.
  • We’re always transparent with our reviews and advice; if there are downsides to some services or products that we talk about, we’ll make sure that you have all the information you need to weigh your options.

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